Bylaws and Policies


Section 1.1. This organization shall be called the Bar Harbor Garden Club.

Section 2.1. The mission of the Bar Harbor Garden Club is to promote the love of horticulture, to protect and preserve our natural resources, to provide educational opportunities, to contribute responsibly to civic and environmental needs, and to enjoy the fellowship of our members.

Section 3.1. The membership of the Club shall include Active, Life, and Honorary members. Life members may be selected from the membership by the Executive Committee for long-standing dedication to the Club and are dues exempt. Honorary members may be nominated by the Executive Committee for outstanding contribution to the Club, not to exceed one per year.
Section 3.2. Any person interested in the mission for which the Club stands and pays the annual dues shall be eligible for membership. The Club shall not discriminate against anyone in accordance with current Maine laws.
Section 3.3. Individual Club members hold concurrent memberships in five organizations: 1) the Club, 2) St. Croix District, 3) Garden Club Federation of Maine (GCFM), 4) New England Region, and 5) National Garden Clubs.

Section 4.1. The annual dues of the Club shall be payable on or before April 15.
Section 4.2. Any member who has not paid the annual dues on or before the first of June and to whom two notices of failure have been sent, has forfeited membership.
Section 4.3. The fiscal year shall begin April 1.

Section 5.1. The Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section 5.2. The Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and shall serve two years or until their successors in office have been duly elected.
Section 5.3. The Officers, Past President, chair of Publicity Committee and chair of Ways and Means Committee shall constitute the Executive Committee.
Section 5.4. Officers elected at the Annual Meeting shall take office at the end of such meeting. Outgoing Officers shall, within two weeks, deliver to their successors in office all records and materials belonging to the office.

Section 6.1. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Club and Executive Committee and is an ex-officio member of all committees. The President is a member of the Board of Directors of the St. Croix District of the GCFM and attends the GCFM Fall Conference and GCFM Annual Convention, or appoints an alternate.
Section 6.2. The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence or inability of the latter, serves on the Nominating Committee of St. Croix District, and is Chair of the Program Committee.
Section 6.3. The Secretary shall keep separate records of all meetings of the Club and Executive Committee and shall present a report at the following meeting. The Secretary shall correspond as asked by the President.
Section 6.4. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the Club, pay all bills approved by the Executive Committee, collect all dues, give receipts for same, keep an up-to-date list of members, send notices to delinquent members, keep a balanced account of all receipts and expenditures, present a monthly report at the meetings, and at the Annual Meeting make a full report for the year. The books must be audited before the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall be the chair of the Finance Committee.

Section 7.1. The regular meeting of the Club shall be the second Thursday of each month, unless rescheduled by the Executive Committee.

Section 8.1. The Executive Committee shall have general control of the affairs of the Club and appoint an Auditing Committee. All necessary current expenses of the Club shall be under the control of the Executive Committee.
Section 8.2. The President shall call meetings of the Executive Committee.
Section 8.3. Four members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.
Section 8.4. Vacancies in elected offices shall be filled by election, if three- quarters of the tenure remains. If less than three-quarters of the tenure remains, vacancies in elected offices shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee; said appointments shall be subject to ratification by the Club at its next meeting.

Section 9.1. The standing committees shall be: Awards, Birds, Book, Cheer, Civic Development, Communications, Finance, Historian, Horticulture, Junior Enrichment, Membership, Nominating, Program, Publicity, Scholarship, Ways and Means, Web Site, and Wild Gardens of Acadia.
Section 9.2. The Club may create ad hoc committees, as it deems appropriate.
Section 9.3. The committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President with the ratification of the Executive Committee.

Section 10.1. It shall be the duty of the Awards Chair to be acquainted with awards offered by the GCFM, New England Region, and NGC (which appear in Sept/Oct issue of The National Gardener) and to promote the Club’s application for the appropriate awards.
Section 10.2. It shall be the duty of the Birds Committee Chair to report on bird sightings and bird programs.
Section 10.3. It shall be the duty of the Book Chair to select and present a book to a local library in memory of a deceased member.
Section 10.4. It shall be the duty of the Cheer Chair to send cards to members for appropriate occasions.
Section 10.5. It shall be the duty of the Civic Development Chair to oversee all current Club projects.
Section 10.6. It shall be the duty of the Communications Chair to appoint a committee to assist in contacting members when necessary.
Section 10.7. It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to draft a budget for the coming year, presenting it in April for approval at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall be the Chair, and the Committee shall consist of the President, the Chair of Ways and Means, the Chair of Civic Development, and a member at large.
Section 10.8. It shall be the duty of the Historian to keep a complete record of all newspaper clippings concerning the Club’s activities, collect pictures of members’ gardens and Club exhibits, and present a written report of the Club’s yearly activities at the Annual Meeting.
Section 10.9. It shall be the duty of the Horticulture Chair to develop an appreciation for all phases of horticulture and stimulate a greater interest for better gardening and increase the horticulture knowledge of the membership.
Section 10.10. It shall be the duty of the Junior Enrichment Chair to promote gardening among juniors.
Section 10.11. It shall be the duty of the Membership Chair to promote and encourage membership.
Section 10.12. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to nominate members to fill the offices of the Club, presenting such nominations at the March meeting. Also, this committee shall advise the Executive Committee in the filling of vacated offices.
Section 10.13. It shall be the duty of the Program Chair (Vice President) to plan programs, compile yearbooks and make arrangements for meetings of the Club, notify speakers, and send thank you notes.
Section 10.14. It shall be the duty of the Publicity Chair to announce all Club meetings through the local press and to make reports for publication.
Section 10.15. It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Chair to solicit and screen applicants for the Nell Goff Memorial Scholarship and to submit them to the St. Croix District for selection of the recipient in accordance with the Trust Agreement.
Section 10.16. It shall be the duty of the Ways and Means Chairman to propose and take charge of projects to supplement Club income.
Section 10.17. It shall be the duty of the Web Site Chair to manage the web site.
Section 10.18 . It shall be the duty of the Wild Gardens of Acadia Chair to encourage members to volunteer in WGA and to notify the Club of WGA programs and events.

Section 11.1. Nine members shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at any Club meeting.

Section 12.1. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present, provided the proposed amendment has been sanctioned by the Executive Committee and read at the previous meeting.

Section 13.1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

Section 14.1. In the event of the dissolution of the Bar Harbor Garden Club, any remaining assets will be distributed only to non-profit, horticulturally related organizations which, at that time, are qualified for exemption from Federal Income Taxes as an Organization described in Section 501c3 of the current Internal Revenue Code.
Revised May, 2013


The Bar Harbor Garden Club shall pay the President’s expenses (at the rate stated by the IRS as deductible for non-profits (501c3) official travel at that time.) for attendance at the GCFM Annual Convention and the GCFM Fall Conference, and other meetings as required by GCFM.

Each active member is expected to serve as host once every two or three years, if able. All committee chairs will serve as hosts for the Annual Meeting.

Each even year the Executive Committee may select a candidate to be given a State Life Membership from the Bar Harbor Garden Club membership as a special tribute to that member.

The outgoing President shall receive a Past President’s pin and a State Life Membership when retiring from office as a token of appreciation from the Club. The President’s pin, donated by Past President Penny Longmaid, shall be passed to the incoming President.
The Club shall provide the Awards Chair with a subscription to The National Gardener.

The Book Chair shall see that an appropriate gardening or horticulture book is placed in a local library in memory of a deceased member.

The Treasurer shall mail one copy of the current membership list with addresses to the GCFM Treasurer along with state dues for each member whatever their status, keep an up-to-date list of current addresses, mailing same to GCFM Newsletter Circulation Editor when requested, or each time a new member joins the Club. Dues to the GCFM are due August 1st each year.

The Membership Chair shall write a letter of welcome to a new member and provide them with a copy of the current yearbook.

The Program Chair’s (Vice President) duties shall be to contact speakers, follow up with a letter of confirmation of the date, be available to help the speaker set up and send a thank you note afterwards. The Program Chair shall send a Yearbook to the following individuals: GCFM President, GCFM Corresponding Secretary, GCFM Yearbook Chair, St. Croix District Director, and other GCFM Chairs as requested, and all Presidents of the St. Croix District Clubs.

Before the September meeting, the Club Yearbooks are to be compiled and presented to members who have paid current membership dues.

Officers and Chairs shall keep records and shall pass them on to their successors.

If an auction or raffle is held, the recipient of the proceeds shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
Revised May, 2013