Media Release Form

Publishing policies have been created to determine what personal information should be disclosed in the club’s promotional material.  All submitted material must be accompanied by an appropriate Media Release form.

Protecting the Privacy of Individuals

Before including personal information, photographs, submitted written material or contest entry, THE CLUB WILL REQUIRE A SIGNED MEDIA RELEASE from adults, and from the parent (or guardian) of any minor under the age of 18. 1.  Acquire a copy of the Media Release form at the National Garden Clubs' Website. 2.  You may use Adobe® Reader® software to fill out the form. Otherwise, print it then complete it.  Include the following information on page-1:

STATE GARDEN CLUB: Garden Club Federation of Maine LOCAL GARDEN CLUB: Bar Harbor Garden Club MAILING ADDRESS FOR COMPLETED FORMS: Bar Harbor Garden Club, P.O. Box 652, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

3.  Adults need only complete page-1. Whereas, a parent needs to complete both pages 1 and 2 for a minor. 4.  Print both sides of the form, sign it, and mail it to the requesting Club member. They will ensure that all required permissions have been received before forwarding the Media Release form to the Publicity Chair.